Boys and Cum


nothing like a dry hump

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let me hold you

Happy 1st of August, boys x

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ahahaha he loved it

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Sexy blog. Love the unique variety of pics

Asked by correon

Thanks a bunch! I try ;) Love yours too x


This straight guy talks dirty nicely. Feels like he’s whispering in your ear while he’s fucking you. 

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I love this one! Love hearing his sloppy cock and his dirty talk


Got my hair and my nose done :) inbox me some love peeps



dirty dawgs

i want his hot ginger body

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lucky sod. i want that pale top who’s getting sucked

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reblog if you are cute and hilarious

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his eyes are so heavenly. i want to see them looking up at me while he sucks my cock

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This is one I posted a while back, worth reblogging now.

This sexy jock with a hot body and big dick works his huge, worn out asshole with a LITER bottle. Listen close enough you can actually hear his slack asshole rippling over the plastic edges of the bottle!

fucking hot

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I love having pretty men feeding me their tasty cocks.

i want a white guy to show me who’s boss like this

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